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{Genesis 40:15} For x3588 indeed I was stolen away 1589 z8795 out of the land 776 x4480 of the Hebrews: 5680 and here x6311 also x1571 have I done 6213 z8804 nothing 3972 x3808 that x3588 they should put 7760 z8804 me into the dungeon. 953
"Then there passed by Midianites¬ merchantmen;¬ and they drew¬ and lifted up¬ Joseph¬ out of the pit,¬ and sold¬ Joseph¬ to the Ishmeelites¬ for twenty¬ [pieces] of silver:¬ and they brought¬ Joseph¬ into Egypt.¬" {Gen 37:28} + "And he that stealeth¬ a man,¬ and selleth¬ him, or if he be found¬ in his hand,¬ he shall surely be put to death.¬" {Exd 21:16} + "If a man¬ be found¬ stealing¬ any¬ of his brethren¬ of the children¬ of Israel,¬ and maketh merchandise¬ of him, or selleth¬ him; then that thief¬ shall die;¬ and thou shalt put evil away¬ from among¬ you." {Deu 24:7} + "For whoremongers,¬ for them that defile themselves with mankind,¬ for menstealers,¬ for liars,¬ for perjured persons,¬ and¬ if there be any¬ other thing¬ that is contrary¬ to sound¬ doctrine;¬" {1Tm 1:10}
the Hebrews:
"And there came¬ one that had escaped,¬ and told¬ Abram¬ the Hebrew;¬ for he dwelt¬ in the plain¬ of Mamre¬ the Amorite,¬ brother¬ of Eshcol,¬ and brother¬ of Aner:¬ and these [were] confederate¬¬ with Abram.¬" {Gen 14:13} + "And [there was] there with us a young man,¬ an Hebrew,¬ servant¬ to the captain¬ of the guard;¬ and we told¬ him, and he interpreted¬ to us our dreams;¬ to each man¬ according to his dream¬ he did interpret.¬" {Gen 41:12}
"But he refused,¬ and said¬ unto his master's¬ wife,¬ Behold, my master¬ wotteth¬ not what [is] with me in the house,¬ and he hath committed¬ all that he hath¬ to my hand;¬ ... And she caught¬ him by his garment,¬ saying,¬ Lie¬ with me: and he left¬ his garment¬ in her hand,¬ and fled,¬ and got¬ him out.¬" {Gen 39:8-12} + "And Joseph's¬ master¬ took¬ him, and put him into the prison,¬¬ a place¬ where the king's¬ prisoners¬ [were] bound:¬ and he was there in the prison.¬¬" {Gen 39:20} + "Moreover, my father,¬ see,¬ yea, see¬ the skirt¬ of thy robe¬ in my hand:¬ for in that I cut off¬ the skirt¬ of thy robe,¬ and killed¬ thee not, know¬ thou and see¬ that [there is] neither evil¬ nor transgression¬ in mine hand,¬ and I have not sinned¬ against thee; yet thou huntest¬ my soul¬ to take¬ it." {1Sm 24:11} + "For, lo, they lie in wait¬ for my soul:¬ the mighty¬ are gathered¬ against me; not [for] my transgression,¬ nor [for] my sin,¬ O LORD.¬ ... They run¬ and prepare themselves without [my] fault:¬ awake¬ to help¬ me, and behold.¬" {Psa 59:3-4} + "My God¬ hath sent¬ his angel,¬ and hath shut¬ the lions'¬ mouths,¬ that they have not¬ hurt¬ me: forasmuch as¬¬ before¬ him innocency¬ was found¬ in me; and also¬ before¬ thee, O king,¬ have I done¬ no¬ hurt.¬" {Dan 6:22} + "Jesus¬ answered¬ them,¬ Many¬ good¬ works¬ have I shewed¬ you¬ from¬ my¬ Father;¬ for¬ which¬ of those¬ works¬ do ye stone¬ me?¬" {Jhn 10:32} + "But¬ [this cometh to pass], that¬ the word¬ might be fulfilled¬ that is written¬ in¬ their¬ law,¬ They hated¬ me¬ without a cause.¬" {Jhn 15:25} + "And¬ they neither¬ found¬ me¬ in¬ the temple¬ disputing¬ with¬ any man,¬ neither¬ raising up¬¬ the people,¬ neither¬ in¬ the synagogues,¬ nor¬ in¬ the city:¬ ... Except¬ it be for¬ this¬ one¬ voice,¬ that¬ I cried¬ standing¬ among¬ them,¬ Touching¬ the resurrection¬ of the dead¬ I¬ am called in question¬ by¬ you¬ this day.¬" {Act 24:12-21} + "Then¬ said¬ Paul,¬ I stand¬¬ at¬ Caesar's¬ judgment seat,¬ where¬ I¬ ought¬ to be judged:¬ to the Jews¬ have I done no wrong,¬ as¬¬ thou¬ very well knowest.¬ ... For¬ if I be an offender,¬ or¬ have committed¬ any thing¬ worthy¬ of death,¬ I refuse¬ not¬ to die:¬ but¬ if¬ there be¬ none¬ of these things whereof these¬ accuse¬ me,¬ no man¬ may¬ deliver¬ me¬ unto them.¬ I appeal unto Caesar.¬" {Act 25:10-11} + "For¬ [it is] better,¬ if¬ the will¬ of God¬ be so, that ye suffer¬ for well doing,¬ than¬ for evil doing.¬ ... For¬ Christ¬ also¬ hath once¬ suffered¬ for¬ sins,¬ the just¬ for¬ the unjust,¬ that¬ he might bring¬ us¬ to God,¬ being put to death¬ in the flesh,¬ but¬ quickened¬ by the Spirit:¬" {1Pe 3:17-18} - Cross Reference Bible Search

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