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{Genesis 19:12} And the men y582 x376 said 559 z8799 unto x413 Lot, 3876 Hast thou here 6311 any 4310 besides? x5750 son in law, 2860 and thy sons, 1121 and thy daughters, 1323 and whatsoever 834 x3605 thou hast in the city, 5892 bring x3318 [them] out y3318 z8685 of x4480 this place: 4725
"And the LORD¬ said¬ unto Noah,¬ Come¬ thou and all thy house¬ into the ark;¬ for thee have I seen¬ righteous¬ before me in this¬ generation.¬" {Gen 7:1} + "And he spake¬ unto the congregation,¬ saying,¬ Depart,¬ I pray you, from the tents¬ of these wicked¬ men, and touch¬ nothing of theirs, lest ye be consumed¬ in all their sins.¬" {Num 16:26} + "But Joshua¬ had said¬ unto the two¬ men that had spied out¬ the country,¬ Go into the harlot's¬ house,¬ and bring out¬ thence the woman,¬ and all that she hath, as ye sware¬ unto her. ... And the young men¬ that were spies¬ went in,¬ and brought out¬ Rahab,¬ and her father,¬ and her mother,¬ and her brethren,¬ and all that she had; and they brought out¬ all her kindred,¬ and left them without¬ the camp¬ of Israel.¬" {Jsh 6:22-23} + "And I will give¬ them one¬ heart,¬ and one¬ way,¬ that they may fear¬ me for ever,¬ for the good¬ of them, and of their children¬ after¬ them:" {Jer 32:39} + "And¬ delivered¬ just¬ Lot,¬ vexed¬ with¬ the filthy conversation¬ of the wicked:¬" {2Pe 2:7} + "The Lord¬ knoweth¬ how to deliver¬ the godly¬ out of¬ temptations,¬ and¬ to reserve¬ the unjust¬ unto¬ the day¬ of judgment¬ to be punished:¬" {2Pe 2:9}
"And Lot¬ went out,¬ and spake¬ unto his sons in law,¬ which married¬ his daughters,¬ and said,¬ Up,¬ get you out¬ of this place;¬ for the LORD¬ will destroy¬ this city.¬ But he seemed as one that mocked¬ unto¬ his sons in law.¬" {Gen 19:14} + "And it came to pass, when they had brought them forth¬ abroad,¬ that he said,¬ Escape¬ for¬ thy life;¬ look¬ not behind thee, neither stay¬ thou in all the plain;¬ escape¬ to the mountain,¬ lest thou be consumed.¬" {Gen 19:17} + "Haste¬ thee, escape¬ thither; for I cannot¬ do¬ any thing¬ till thou be come¬ thither. Therefore the name¬ of the city¬ was called¬ Zoar.¬" {Gen 19:22} + "And¬ I heard¬ another¬ voice¬ from¬ heaven,¬ saying,¬ Come¬ out of¬ her,¬ my¬ people,¬ that ye be not partakers¬ of her sins,¬ and¬ that ye receive¬ not of¬ her plagues.¬" {Rev 18:4} - Cross Reference Bible Search

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