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{Genesis 12:15} The princes 8269 also of Pharaoh 6547 saw 7200 z8799 her, and commended 1984 z8762 her before 413 Pharaoh: 6547 and the woman 802 was taken 3947 z8714 into Pharaoh's 6547 house. 1004
"Then said the king's servants that ministered unto him, Let there be fair young virgins sought for the king: ... So Esther was taken unto king Ahasuerus into his house royal in the tenth month, which [is] the month Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign." {Est 2:2-16} + "If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants [are] wicked." {Prv 29:12} + "They [are] all adulterers, as an oven heated by the baker, [who] ceaseth from raising after he hath kneaded the dough, until it be leavened. ... In the day of our king the princes have made [him] sick with bottles of wine; he stretched out his hand with scorners." {Hsa 7:4-5}; Pharaoh was a common name of the Egyptian kings, and signified a "ruler," or "king," or "father of his country." "And Pharaoh was wroth against two [of] his officers, against the chief of the butlers, and against the chief of the bakers." {Gen 40:2} + "And it came to pass at the end of two full years, that Pharaoh dreamed: and, behold, he stood by the river." {Gen 41:1} + "And the daughter of Pharaoh came down to wash [herself] at the river; and her maidens walked along by the river's side; and when she saw the ark among the flags, she sent her maid to fetch it." {Exd 2:5} + "Now when Pharaoh heard this thing, he sought to slay Moses. But Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh, and dwelt in the land of Midian: and he sat down by a well." {Exd 2:15} + "And Solomon made affinity with Pharaoh king of Egypt, and took Pharaoh's daughter, and brought her into the city of David, until he had made an end of building his own house, and the house of the LORD, and the wall of Jerusalem round about." {1Kg 3:1} + "Now, behold, thou trustest upon the staff of this bruised reed, [even] upon Egypt, on which if a man lean, it will go into his hand, and pierce it: so [is] Pharaoh king of Egypt unto all that trust on him." {2Kg 18:21} + " Pharaoh king of Egypt, and his servants, and his princes, and all his people;" {Jer 25:19} + "They did cry there, Pharaoh king of Egypt [is but] a noise; he hath passed the time appointed." {Jer 46:17} + "Son of man, take up a lamentation for Pharaoh king of Egypt, and say unto him, Thou art like a young lion of the nations, and thou [art] as a whale in the seas: and thou camest forth with thy rivers, and troubledst the waters with thy feet, and fouledst their rivers." {Ezk 32:2}
"And Abraham said of Sarah his wife, She [is] my sister: and Abimelech king of Gerar sent, and took Sarah." {Gen 20:2} + "And the maiden pleased him, and she obtained kindness of him; and he speedily gave her her things for purification, with such things as belonged to her, and seven maidens, [which were] meet to be given her, out of the king's house: and he preferred her and her maids unto the best [place] of the house of the women." {Est 2:9} + "Seek the LORD, and his strength: seek his face evermore." {Psa 105:4} + "So he that goeth in to his neighbour's wife; whosoever toucheth her shall not be innocent." {Prv 6:29} + "Marriage [is] honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." {Hbr 13:4} - Cross Reference Bible Search

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